Blockchain Development

Securing and scaling digital solutions using blockchain


Services we Offer

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  • Blockchain Consultancy

    As a Blockchain consultancy company, our Blockchain experts would give you an edge over your competitors by helping you deliver the best Blockchain application. From POC to final end product, our blockchain experts would help you to decide, develop, integrate, tokenize and audit blockchain in your existing system.

    Our team has rich experience in private and public Blockchain services.

  • Smart contract Development and Auditing

    We use EOS, Etherium, and Hyperledger to build smart contract and codechains. Customizable for any type of industry, the digital contract doesn’t need a middleman to ensure that all the parties involved are performing their part. Once all the rules and conditions are settled, its base algorithm executes all the conditions and can even revoke itself in case something goes wrong.

    • Ethereum
    • EOS
    • Hyperledger
  • Smart contract Auditing

    To ensure reliability and agility in your smart contract, we provide complete auditing service and assessment of your system architecture and smart contract codes. For increased transparency and measure safety plus efficiency, auditing smart contracts is a must thing.

  • DApp

    As most of the public services were centralized and thus providing centralized power to execute decisions, Blockchain decentralizes the same by providing everyone the same power and abilities to make decisions.

    Running DApps on Blockchain adds an extra layer of security, as transactions are distributed and encrypted via private Blockchain, there won’t be any central point of data leaks or a breach in the system. There are several Dapps available in the market and even the most famous cryptocurrencies also came from the idea of Dapp only. As a Dapp development company, we build distributed ledgers that can be kept with all your stakeholders.

    • Ethereum DApp Development
    • Customised DApp Development

Case Study


Trackk is a Hyperledger based POC for Vehicle Tracking system. It uses Hyperledger for monitoring, record-keeping and maintaining transparency between vehicle owners, buyers, sellers and government agencies.