Inside Product | EP1 – Digital Product Basics

Welcome to the new podcast series of Inside Product from the ‘wereadrixus’ podcast. We bring you the inside out of product development. From understanding the digital product ideas to working on technology, design and marketing. In our first episode, our host Pooja Shah is discussing the Product Basics with our guest Bhavesh Patel. Follow our […]

EP4. How to Grow a Startup?

In this episode, We are having conversation with Pooja, Managing Director of Adrixus. She is sharing her experience and startup journey on how, with her partner they grew Adrixus. She is sharing some important keynotes for the young entrepreneurs for the startup challenges, lessons and how they build team from 1 to 20 in a […]

EP3. Why MVP is Important For Startups?

Our Sales manager is having a conversation with our Co-managing director Mr. Sohil Shah about why startups should start with an MVP (minimum viable product) before launching their products in the market. Links: Find more resources on

EP2. The Future of Voice Assistant

Our host Noopur is having a discussion with Rahul Patel, a python developer who is working on building voice-based applications to help companies adopt voice tech in their transformation tech stack. Links: Find more resources on

EP1. Blockchain use cases

Digital Marketing Specialist Bhargav Patel discusses Blockchain’s real-world use cases with Adrixus’ Business Development Manager Noopur Rajput. In this interview, they are discussing how Blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrency and can be used in multiple industries to bring a positive shift in the market. Links: Find more blogs on

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