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Why do you need an MVP?

From buying groceries to booking world trips; we are addicted to using mobile applications and the gamification models offered by successful startups. With a click of a button, we can also control our smart home appliances to intelligent military drones! The startup industry of mobile application is booming around the globe. But, converting an idea […]

7 Best Practices for Remote Project Managers

Due to technological advancements and easy online collaboration tools, project management has evolved and is empowering Project Managers to be more efficient and effective! Being a remote project manager is a tough job. Unlike traditional teams, who have been working on-site, the remote project manager has to deal with a lot of external factors. Here […]


Ep1. Blockchain Use Cases with Adrixus

Blockchain’s usage is not limited to cryptocurrencies only. We are discussing possible use cases of Blockchain which can help us change society. From the medical industry to the banking & finance sector, Blockchain can bring a positive difference to our world. Tune in to weareadrixus podcast and know more. Links: Adrixus website – More […]

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