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Blockchain Technology: The What, Why and Where

Since the inception of Blockchain technology in 2008, people have been working on it to improve and utilize it in their projects to get the best outcomes. In this series of blogs, our team is trying to explain that what is blockchain, why should you use blockchain and which industries would get a drastic change […]

Blockchain for Logistic Industry

From our pen’s nib to giant earth scavenging vehicles, we all are nothing without our logistics industry. Talk about bringing our fresh veggies from farm to our plates or sending precious artwork to an art collector sitting on the other side of the world, the entire world runs on the logistics industry. But, have you […]

Blockchain in Influencer Marketing Industry

It is estimated that over 17% of companies invest more than half of the marketing budget over influencer marketing. On top of that, 89% of marketers say that the ROI generated by influencer marketing was comparable with other ways of marketing. We know that influencer marketing is the key element for customer-centric marketing and organizations […]


EP4. How to Grow a Startup?

In this episode, We are having conversation with Pooja, Managing Director of Adrixus. She is sharing her experience and startup journey on how, with her partner they grew Adrixus. She is sharing some important keynotes for the young entrepreneurs for the startup challenges, lessons and how they build team from 1 to 20 in a […]

EP3. Why MVP is Important For Startups?

Our Sales manager is having a conversation with our Co-managing director Mr. Sohil Shah about why startups should start with an MVP (minimum viable product) before launching their products in the market. Links: Find more resources on

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