Building a digital product is an exhausting process. From idea generation to building, marketing and keeping the user base active is a very difficult task. While not only that, dealing with internal teams, working & exploring new tech, exploring markets and other possibilities also put challenges while building the product.  Regardless of these complex task, It’s the most important step of choosing the right technology for your product.


So, how do you select the right technology stack for the digital product you want to build for the masses? Let’s find out in the blog!


What is a tech stack?

A tech stack is an ecosystem made of technologies that help you develop your product. Technologies like front-end & back-end languages, databases, modules, and tools help you build the product come under your product development tech stack.


Here are some of the examples of technologies that are used for product development.

Front-end development: Angular, ReactJS, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap and more


Back-end development: .Net MVC, Codeigniter, Laravel, NodeJS, Python and more


What are the technologies to chose from?


How to select the right tech stack for your next product?

Selecting the right technology stack is very important. If you fail to make the right decision, you would face a loss of resources invested behind the development, good UI/UX, and even revenue loss from your users.


So, here are the top tips to select the right tech stack for your next digital product.

Ignore peer pressure

Most startups and organizations think that they can also start reverse engineering their peers and competitors and start making their products just how they are building using the same technology stack. But, even if you are building a similar product or something else, directly considering that the peers’ technology will fill your demand is the wrong option.


For your mobile app or web app, decide what will help you the most. And that is where our next point helps!

Select your product category and scalability

Selecting a tech stack that will help you scale your app in the future is crucial. When you start building a new product, it will probably be light and agile in the initial stages. But, as soon as you start scaling it, a lot of internal and external APIs join the process and the complexity starts increasing day by day.


Thus, by looking at the scope of your project make your tech stack selections. Also, product development is a long process. That means a lot of new development, marketing and the administrative team would get bigger eventually. Adding new modules in the process also is a challenge, thus a proper tech stack is always helpful!

Do not forget the marketing requirements

As we know that the entrepreneurs and startup founders do make sure that they do not end up investing all their resources into building the product before finding its fit in the market. Thus, people do start with an MVP for their products.


While building the MVP, most of the founders tend to start doing marketing and promotions for their product. And for that, going as early as possible in the market is required! So, without investing a lot of resources and time, balancing between the best tech stack could help! As, creating multiple landing pages and other functionalities, a faster and efficient technology would help.

The budget factors

The budget plays its role in selecting the right technology for your product. If you go ahead with Blockchain-based development or new technologies like voice-based applications and machine learning algorithms; the development costs and resources to run the project would start rising.


While new-generation technologies also make the product better and more useful, however planning when to implement them also makes a lot of difference on ROI for that product. While selecting and hiring the developers for your team, newer technologies might cost you more and research might end up eating a lot of time for you. So, go ahead with a tech stack that balances both time and efforts for you and plan your budget accordingly.

Take your experience into consideration

With the evolution of time and technologies, people do think that adopting new technologies would help them grow better. But, sometimes, sticking to basics would help you in the long run.


Make sure you choose the technologies where you can troubleshoot the product’s problems or have done core research upon. Otherwise, while developing the product, the technology and its solutions would eat up a lot of time of yours in it.


While scaling up the product and consumer base, your application will attract a lot of threat from hackers and even scripts on server or client sides. So, a tech stack that is safe from such threats will help you save your and your users’ data. Every technology does not come with a layer of security, so select your tech stack wisely.


These key points will help you find the suitable tech stack for your next web or mobile application and digital product. You can also work with subject matter experts or consultants to get help in choosing the right tech stack for your next project.


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