Adrixus announces the beta-launch of theElevator – a crowdfunding platform, designed especially for the India’s engineering and business students to help them launch their product in the market.


Adrixus’ state mission is to encourage and help students convert their final year project into a beneficial Product and Service.

 Why do we need a solution?

“Despite the rise of interest in entrepreneurship in the Indian market, Indian engineering and business graduates are not able to get the initial traction for their products in the market due to lack of funds and a proper mentorship from business leaders. This platform is aiming to bridge the gap, where students can launch their ideas in the real market with proper guidance.” said Sohil Shah, Managing director of Adrixus.

The Elevator platform would let Indian students post their projects online where industry experts, individual investors, marketing and sales professionals would be able to back their projects via equity or reward based crowdfunding. Not only that, the investors would also help students to complete their projects and help them be Go-To market ready.

In the process of getting funds for their projects, students would need to give a brief about their project idea to the Elevator team. The best project ideas would get listed on the Elevator platform. Here, the interested investors would evaluate their ROI possibilities and market fit, and if appropriate, they will invest in their concepts. Once the project meets all the criteria and investors are ready to invest in their ideas, they would get mentorship to develop their MVP/prototype of their idea. From getting the idea patented to preparing the pitch deck for the next round of funding, our team would help young bloods to boost their initiatives.

The Elevator is open for investors around the globe. the initial target of the platform is to get funds from Indian market. But, Elevator’s team is constantly working on getting investment from outside of India as well.

The early stage crowdfunding and mentorship for students would help build their product become market fit. Interested to invest or list your project and gain market exposure? List your project on the Elevator now or contact Adrixus.

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