Project Management, the title in itself looks pretty effortless in the Software development life cycle (SDLC) if you see the other roles like development, design, strategy, DevOps, and many more. But If you see closely and pay attention to detail, this can be the most crucial job to perform !!

Almost every industry involved in the project life cycle, especially IT is all about effective communication. Have you ever observed why projects fail and don’t meet the expectations and deadlines? Or why do you lose either client or team’s trust most of the time?

Here are a few killer observations which will save your best of both the worlds and will definitely help you to play the best role as a project manager:

Be Transparent with client 

Maintaining a clientele relationship can be crucial and nerve-wracking. There is too much competition in the market and gradually everyone knows the value of delivery, quality and time. If you don’t deliver, there are thousands of people right there, who are available just a click away. Make sure you are being honest and put yourself in the client’s shoes before taking any steps.

Make your team participate

Chances of gaining trust with a team are as easy as losing it. Whether you work remotely with a team or within the same room, it’s important for them to know the value of your words and the real situation at the client end. Involve teams, be polite and give credit to them for their work. let them take pride in their work and so on their mistakes. In the end, they will learn something new with pride.

Make better use of tools

Tools are life-saving hacks for any working professional, if used wisely and creatively. There are whole companies that run remotely with team members working from any corner of the world and whereas, a few of them are doing miserably at communicating even though they are working in the same room, in the same office. One of the greatest practices and tips shared here on remote Project Manager is to make sure you know what you need in terms of executing the process and where do you have scope to improve efficiency and deliverables. There are pretty useful tools for communications, planning, delivery which can save your time, give you better vision and help you to make ideas into actions.

“Project management is a bridge between milestone and deliverable”

Every response, minute, updates counts. 

Most of the time we lose the value of the response, time and take it for granted. Make sure with these time difference flexibility and remote work, your one response, quick updates, prompt reply and raising things right on time lead you to many things in a better way to the other side.

Keep the personal bond on both sides. It helps.

You can not always achieve things with your power and position, in fact, most of the time it doesn’t work. They say, If you want to choose a teammate between performance and trust values, choose trust.  To build that you need to be more than just professional. If you know someone personally it helps you to support and ask for help at the same time. Be honest with yourself first!

Extra miles counts more

Whenever possible, take extra steps for your team and client. Both will observe and revert things to you as and when the need arises.

These are the best practices which make a solid bridge to manage the clients and team.

What do you think of the above ideas? Have you come across anything which makes you better at what you do?

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