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  • Concept and Strategy

    Defining strategies over requirements will be the most crucial time investment for product development where we save a lot of time at later stages, especially in development. Moving ahead with a detailed and accurate core requirement, we will start developing your product. By following the genesis of a product development lifecycle and with the help of our technical and analytical skills, we will help you develop an MVP or a prototype at breakneck speed.

  • Creating Experience through creativity

    One cannot agree to disagree that a product reaches a goal to generate an effective ROI by having an extraordinary user experience and that can be achieved by exceptional UI/UX services. Hence, we make sure that you get the best experiences and user interface with the help of our remarkable UI/UX design at ease, keeping your customers, your products, and scalable design trends in mind.

  • Outstanding development solutions

    Being an essential part of a business or a start-up, development is the key to your product development. With more than 08 years of experience in developing end-to-end product solutions, our team's focus at this stage would be to help your project with the right architect designs, database modelling along with writing codes for your product/project whilst keeping in mind the best and world-wide adopted coding standards in the most innovative ways.

  • All about Agile

    The markets are moving fast and to be on the apex, you have to implement Agile development strategies. With the help of our certified scrum masters in our team, we assure that the entire project goes smoothly by using automation and management tools at work to communicate and define processes. This will keep your requirements and our development teams to stay aligned with each other 24/7.

  • Quality assurance, Delivered

    Quality is part of product development from the beginning. Right from a basic initial design to the final development and deployment of your product, our quality assurance team will work with every attention to detail focusing on minimizing the errors and delivering the 100% product quality.

  • We got your back

    By following the flawless deployment practices and hosting experience, We make sure the product launch happens covering all the aspects of security, backup, risks and more. Post launch, We nail down excellent maintenance and support to ensure that your product stays go-to market-ready making sure all the above product development aspects are still being focused in the maintenance cycle too.


Case Study

The Elevator

The Elevator is a crowdfunding platform which is mainly focused on creativity and merchandising. Adrixus’ stated mission is to "encourage and help students convert their final year project into a beneficial Product and Service".

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