Blockchain: The Conclusion

As we mentioned in our Blockchain blog series, that Blockchain can become a fundamental technology to change all the redundant database systems and even our recently introduced tech businesses. We have talked about everything from what is blockchain, why blockchain and where should we use blockchain. But, when we think about using blockchain in reality […]

What is Bug Life Cycle?

Quality assurance, it’s not only a simple word. Quality assurance helps companies meet their client requirements and expectations. QA focuses on improving the process to deliver quality products and services to the customers.   Higher the Quality, better the levels of trust you build with your customers. In return, your position becomes better in the […]

Triple Constraint – A Project Management Model

The Basics  For those of you who are into managing projects, Triple Constraint would be a phrase of extreme importance. It is a simple model of constraints which is essentially a part of project management.  These constraints viz. Cost, Scope and Time, attribute to the success of a project. The cost constraint keeps the budgetary […]

Why is Blockchain mandatory for supply chain management?

  A good supply chain is the one who fulfills organizational goals efficiently, providing maximum value to its customers and enhancing the network relationships. Also, an ethical supply chain has to effectively track raw material sourcing, the process of converting raw materials to finished products and monitoring the distribution network as well.   What is […]

8 Tips to Deal with Your Client

Since childhood, we have been told that ‘Client is King‘! But nobody ever told you how to treat the kind. In the 21st century, businesses are running on their toes to make sure that the client gets complete satisfaction. Ofter, dealing with clients becomes difficult as they are unhappy with the services you have provided. […]

How to Manage Remote Marketing Team?

Gone are those days when an organization used to hire a couple of people to handle their marketing activities for its branding and spreading how a company works and what they sell! In recent years, the number of global mobile and internet users has gone up significantly. When you want to promote your brand online, […]

Private vs Public Blockchain: What to choose?

Since the inception, Blockchain is creating a buzz in the tech industry. We know that small, medium or large business units can take benefits of Blockchain technology as it is a series of tamper proof data recording (ledgers), which is decentralized and no single authority can control it. But, when it comes to adopting the […]

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