How to Manage Remote Marketing Team?

Gone are those days when an organization used to hire a couple of people to handle their marketing activities for its branding and spreading how a company works and what they sell! In recent years, the number of global mobile and internet users has gone up significantly. When you want to promote your brand online, […]

Private vs Public Blockchain: What to choose?

Since the inception, Blockchain is creating a buzz in the tech industry. We know that small, medium or large business units can take benefits of Blockchain technology as it is a series of tamper proof data recording (ledgers), which is decentralized and no single authority can control it. But, when it comes to adopting the […]

Why do you need an MVP?

From buying groceries to booking world trips; we are addicted to using mobile applications and the gamification models offered by successful startups. With a click of a button, we can also control our smart home appliances to intelligent military drones! The startup industry of mobile application is booming around the globe. But, converting an idea […]

6 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Project Manager

Project Management, the title in itself looks pretty effortless in the Software development life cycle (SDLC) if you see the other roles like development, design, strategy, DevOps, and many more. But If you see closely and pay attention to detail, this can be the most crucial job to perform !! Almost every industry involved in […]

7 Best Practices for Remote Project Managers

Due to technological advancements and easy online collaboration tools, project management has evolved and is empowering Project Managers to be more efficient and effective! Being a remote project manager is a tough job. Unlike traditional teams, who have been working on-site, the remote project manager has to deal with a lot of external factors. Here […]

6 Reasons to outsource Blockchain Development

Blockchain has gone beyond being just a currency. Helping refugees, usage in BFSI or creating secured supply chain management systems, Blockchain is reaching and bringing change everywhere. Both large corporations and early-stage startups are trying to take advantage of blockchain technology. As Blockchain provides robust, secure and transparent solutions which affect the masses, the requirement […]

Introducing theElevator : A crowdfunding program for Students

Adrixus announces the beta-launch of theElevator – a crowdfunding platform, designed especially for the India’s engineering and business students to help them launch their product in the market.   Adrixus’ state mission is to encourage and help students convert their final year project into a beneficial Product and Service.  Why do we need a solution? […]