Since childhood, we have been told that ‘Client is King‘! But nobody ever told you how to treat the kind. In the 21st century, businesses are running on their toes to make sure that the client gets complete satisfaction. Ofter, dealing with clients becomes difficult as they are unhappy with the services you have provided. Or, a personality that clashes with your company values. Some clients also face difficulties with the final product and their expectations. 


Here are our top 8 tips on how to deal with your clients!


  1. Unclear deliverables:

Never lie to your client! When your client asks to deliver the project within an impossible timeline, do not hesitate to say NO. Explain the legitimate reasons why you cannot deliver what they are expecting. Explain the processes and tasks you are going to perform to complete the project. Be transparent with your client. Do not give false-commitment to your client to attract them into your business and end up not being on-to your client’s expectation. Sometimes a non-tech background would not be aware of many things, so be precise with your deliverables and sharing details about the projects.


  1. Be transparent when running with delays:

No matter how accurate and fast your team is, many internal and external factors may affect your project timelines and team management.

Make sure that you maintain the kind of transparency and rapport with your client where sometimes you can mention that their project can be overdue to a few more days or hours. Many freelancers, organizations or Fortune 500 companies do not like to procrastinate in delivering their solution to the clients and in turn, again end up leaving a negative impact on their clients and company reputation.

When the one who serves the best survives is the agenda of the service industry, make sure you do not forget to meet schedules and if you do, learn to accept it and not cover it!


  1. Document everything:

Not only Code! Make sure you document everything you do on a particular project. Sometimes even we think and assume that these are the standard procedures and have to be done the way it has been since a long time. But assumptions don’t always work! You have to keep asking and taking feedback from clients.

You can document everything from the very beginning i.e. getting that first requirement to sharing portfolio, proposals and finalizing NDA to payment terms. This will help you and your team to stay updated and get away with delay in business transactions with your client.


  1. Do check the dependencies and requirements in advance:

Many of the freelancers and organizations fail to deliver the project just because they fail to understand the client’s requirements. For example, your client may want Point A, you get on a call with the client and just because of misunderstanding his point of view, you assume/interpret he needs Point B. You go ahead and explain his needs/wants to your manager, again, because they misinterpret what you meant to say, they will assume the client needs Point C.

Once you start receiving the requirement from the client, enlighten your team that you think might want to know about the document. Prepare a detailed questionnaire to send to your client and make sure your proposal is inclusive of all the details and proper price breakups, which is understandable for your client.


  1. Keep calm or maybe SHOUT internally!

Never lose your calm in front of your client. Even if your client is wrong, try to convince him/her and explain some details. Remember? The client is the King!

Your client might even lose his/her calm on a phone call if s/he is not able to digest the things you are telling them, but do not open fire against them!


  1. Ask questions and listen more:

As mentioned in point no 4, get the updated requirements from your client continuously. Never leave your client in a black space where s/he can not contact you or cannot share the updated list of requirements.

Never go for assumptions or put your opinion over your clients’ viewpoint. Give them their space and let them tell you what they want to create and work on that accordingly.. But this should not limit you to give your suggestions as well. Make sure you provide your tips and ideas to your client to improve their project. A smart client would like to adopt that or maybe they would say no! But that is their decision to take.


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  1. Follow the process for any scale of the project:

Just like kids in kindergarten, set a definitive method for your internal teams to follow. The goal here to create a process is to make sure that work goes flawlessly!

Make sure your processes do not become rigid and hierarchy oriented where teams have to wait taking approvals for a few days. Build simple frameworks and guidelines for your team to work for.

In this world of automation and new collaborative tools, make sure that your internal problems do not hinder the client project requirements and timelines.


  1. Share a personal connection:

In today’s competitive world, with a small ROI over your marketing budgets, it’s challenging to build new clients. To form a forever lasting client relationship, make sure you start building personal connections with your clients.

You can do this by maybe wishing them their festivals or giving them good feedback over being the right clients and more. Just like you, your client is not a machine and s/he also needs to appreciate some personal attention.


What are the other techniques you are using to deal with your client? Does your client get too angry over calls and emails? How do you handle the situation?


Let us know in the comments below and also mention what we should experiment for our next blogs!


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