Blockchain has gone beyond being just a currency. Helping refugees, usage in BFSI or creating secured supply chain management systems, Blockchain is reaching and bringing change everywhere. Both large corporations and early-stage startups are trying to take advantage of blockchain technology. As Blockchain provides robust, secure and transparent solutions which affect the masses, the requirement of blockchain development and architecture is increasing and every business is looking forward to taking a reward from it.

But, is adopting blockchain development in-house as easy as it looks on the internet? Should you be building an in-house team of blockchain developers or just think about outsourcing your blockchain development? Both in-house and outsourced development comes with their benefits and drawbacks; let’s talk about why you should consider outsourcing your blockchain development.


Access to a larger talent pool:

Blockchain being a new technology, finding the best resources having in-depth knowledge of Blockchain is not easy. Even managing a team can come with its own challenge for business of any scale. Every organization in the market is eager to try and build in-house teams for all the new technologies coming in the market. Though, introducing an entire new division can become cumbersome.


Focusing on core business:

Instead of dealing with your ongoing projects, handling your in-house teams and expanding your business, if you start investing your time in understanding new things and getting things on track, you might end up losing many business pipelines. If you choose a compatible offshore blockchain development team, you would be able to focus on your core business operations to grow better. While you try to focus on emerging technology in the market, you still have to make sure that you are standing against your competitor in your existing market!



While some business owners have faced many problems while working with their offshore development teams, with a proper team, you would save much cost, which you would end up paying for your in-house teams. For instance, adopting technology like Blockchain would make you invest in technical training for your development team and project managers to help them understand how things correctly work might cost you more than your entire project pay.

While your outsourcing blockchain development partner could act like your pay-as-you-go model. Per hour or project, investment is still a far better bet when you are looking forward to jumping into any new technology!


Flexibility in team building:

When you talk about Blockchain, the possibilities are endless; starting from smart contract development, PoC development, cryptocurrency, ICO development, SaaS, distributed ledgers, IoT and what not? While trying to build your team according to the new product or project you get in hands, the previously established team would stay unproductive. The cycle never stops and you end up wasting your resources.

Giving your work to your contract company is just like jump-starting your project without any hiccups. Submit your project details, settle down on an agreement and get going.


Save your time:

Saving time on hiring and training is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies below that is vast stuff to deal with. Adopting a small change in the organization also takes much time. For example, if you want to integrate a new CRM system for your teams or want to build a team from internal resources, a company would take its own sweet time in the process. Where your outsourcing partner has to handle your production loads and you can manage and do quality analysis on the go.

While the in-house team might take time understanding a new feature and code it, an expert blockchain outsourcing company would end up solving a complex error in no time.


Better security:

Many whistle-blowers and company insiders tend to leak your ideas and development models in the market. Also, training your in-house team to be IT security ready is a challenging task. Instead, the best blockchain outsourcing vendor would help you give better coverage against your IT security threats.

In a nutshell, if you want to keep your company productive and want to make sure that while adopting new technologies like Blockchain, your business keeps growing; an outsourced blockchain partner like Adrixus is all you need.

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