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  • Blockchain Consultancy

    Our team of experts, with rich experience in private and public blockchain, offers advice on the strategic implementation of blockchain technology to your business scenarios. Based on a deep-rooted analysis and assessment, the team helps you identify the ideal blockchain platform for your business requirements. Right from POC to end product, we help you to decide, develop, integrate, tokenize and audit blockchain in your existing system.

  • Smart Contract Development and Auditing

    A smart contract program manages the exchanges between two or more parties involved in the contract. When the pre-defined rules of an agreement are met, the algorithm executes the conditions. The program is also equipped to revoke itself in case anything goes wrong. Customizable smart contracts work well for a variety of industries and are known to bring in elements of trust, automation and savings as there are no third parties involved.

    We use EOS, Etherium and Hyperledger to build smart contracts and codechains offering secure solutions for your business deals. Our work-plan to build a smart contract involves defining the architecture, designing and development as well as auditing.

    • Ethereum
    • EOS
    • Hyperledger
  • Smart Contract Auditing

    Most smart contracts are developed by multiple developers leading to a high level of complexity which in turn allows vulnerability to seep in. Since the smart contracts directly control the financial aspects, the stakes are high - $50 million siphoned in the DAO hack is the case in point. This makes an independent smart contract audit a pre-requisite for transparency, safety and efficiency. To ensure reliability and agility in your smart contract, we provide complete auditing service and assessment of your system architecture and smart contract codes.

  • DApp Development

    Decentralized applications (DApps), unlike the traditional web applications, run on a network of computers instead of a single server. For an end-user, such applications are no different from other web applications as the front end technology is the same. The key difference from the conventional web application lies in the engine or the backend. Since the backend for a DApp uses a smart contract to connect to a blockchain network, it adds an additional layer of security. With transactions being distributed and encrypted via private blockchain, the scope of any central point of failure (data leaks and breaches in the systems) is eliminated.

    Our DApp development experts help you develop systems that are tailored to your requirements and help you keep ahead of the competition. We build distributed ledgers that can be kept with all your stakeholders providing them the same power and abilities to make decisions.

    • Ethereum DApp Development
    • Customised DApp Development

Case Study


Trackk is a Hyperledger based POC for Vehicle Tracking system. It uses Hyperledger for monitoring, record-keeping and maintaining transparency between vehicle owners, buyers, sellers and government agencies.

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