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The Elevator - CrowdFunding Platform

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About The Elevator

Elevator is a student focused platform to convert their ideas into product and on the otherside for Investors, it provides opportunities to grow skills, connections, capital and offcourse money.

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For Students

  • Concluding definitions of project
  • Deciding technology and concept
  • Market research’s guideline and knowledge by domain experts
  • Interaction with industry mentors
  • Gap of current industry’s needs and expectations
  • Not enough awareness of technology, product research, UX UI design and architecture and many more..
  • Missing real life sustainable and scalable project concepts and feedback before deciding UDP/IDP
  • Importance of working on dream project well in advance
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For Students

  • Reduce gap between industry expectations and academia
  • Fruitful outcome apart from just project submission
  • Opportunity to become an Entrepreneur
  • To spread awareness of untouched areas of product development like legal Strategies, Implementation, Validations and Marketing.
  • Bridge the gap between community and users real problems that needs creative and unique solutions from bright minds.
  • Rather implementing whole systems as project there are many small and real issues that one can focus on which can lead to very successful future opportunities for any individual as well as team.
  • Reach of Investors and potential connections for future business opportunities
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Students focused

  • It Provides a crowdfunding platform which is mainly focused on creativity and merchandising.
  • Pre-seed support for early stage innovations at university level
  • Team of industry and domain experts to mentor student’s project to next level
  • Selected concepts will be awarded with a prize and a certificate from Elevator’s committee members.
  • Platform to get investors

Investors focused

  • Tangible rewards or experiences in exchange for their investments.
  • Continuous integration with educational system and technologies with market trends
  • Opportunity to work on different new innovative concepts
  • A chance for a big network and connections
  • Profitable percentage share in the ROI.
  • Communication with Series Investors
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