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  • Customized Website Development

    In an era where your web presence, in all likelihood, casts your first impressions on the audience – be it your customers, suppliers, partners or other stakeholders, we help you build a website that is not only captivating but also user-friendly and engaging.

    As a custom website development company, we welcome any and all bespoke requirements, use the latest technology to avail highest possible degree of automation, and create websites that give you an edge over the competition.

  • E-Learning Solutions

    With a range of benefits for learners from the educational websites, there has been a paradigm shift in the industry from traditional learning to e-learning platforms. An effective e-learning website requires an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) that handles enrollment and payments, course outline/syllabus, study material, examination interface and discussion forums for learners and educators. We help small to medium sized e-learning entities build and scale their online presence by integrating smooth and smart market funneling features in their e-learning websites and LMS development.

  • API Development

    With the complexities of the world today, businesses have to continuously interact with third party solutions and ensure that they function and integrate with their solutions seamlessly. This is where APIs come into the frame. APIs are the heart of an application and ensure that the system is well integrated with different applications so that the end-users remain unaffected by the flow of control between various platforms in the background.

    Our experienced development team helps you leverage the power of APIs by developing stable, robust and secure APIs that augment the power of your systems. We also provide support and improvements in APIs to make them invincible just like your brand!

  • SaaS and Paas

    SaaS allows data to be accessed from any device using a web browser and internet connectivity. This not only eliminates expenses on hardware and maintenance but also reduces the risk of data loss in case of unexpected breakdowns.

    PaaS, on the other hand, is a complete development and deployment system in cloud that enables you to deliver applications, simple or complex.

    Adrixus offers efficient and up-to-date SaaS and PaaS solutions to help start-ups and young entrepreneurs to implement their ideas to accelerate business growth.


Case Study


Spreadd is Blockchain based solution for micro or big influencers and companies who want to promote their brand. We are trying to connect Influencers directly to company and tracking every money spent on marketing and maintaining campaign insights using Blockchain.

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